CHESAPEAKE BAY ALEXANDER STUDIES (CBAS) offers a range of opportunities to learn about the Alexander Technique. Beginning students can take a series of private lessons or attend an introductory workshop. More advanced students may continue with private lessons, attend a residential workshop or organize a workshop taught by Robin Gilmore to address a particular activity such as playing music or riding horses. Those with a strong commitment to the Alexander Technique can pursue teacher training through the North Carolina AT Program.

The Alexander Technique is a proven method of increasing efficiency and mobility in any activity. Athletes and performing artists use the technique to enhance their skills. Other applications include reducing chronic tension and fatigue associated with office work and other daily activities. Developed by F. M. Alexander in the late 1800s, the Alexander Technique is a process of learning guided by conscious awareness and prevention of habits that interfere with optimum functioning. We can regain our inherent buoyancy and think on our feet as we respond to whatever comes our way.